Short and sweet..     Every step of the trip planned by Dana Apple... at Dream Vacations was life     changing indeed... Detailed and in depth and amazing. Every part of our     trip was inspired by eye opening experiences every day. I of course now     have the greatest travel resource available on the planet.

Drew Lobenstein

 Dana, Thanks for going the extra mile on this.I really appreciate your persistence on this, and promise to get all dates squared away the next time we arrange something with you.We will use the April 18th booking, and chalk up the April 25th as a donation to Princess.

  • Bruce McGowan

Hi Dana, I just wanted you to know that Teresa and I had a great time on our vacation, and I want to thank you for your invaluable help in setting it up and in assisting me with the minor glitches that came up. I would be happy to provide a testimonial for your website if you like, and I will definitely use your services again.

My best,


Luis P. Sanchez, JD, LLM


Moorpark College

Hi Dana!!!! Thank you so much :) Just went out for the mail and received your welcome home package w/ brownies!!! I loved the card too. You are so thoughtful and attentive to details!

The Astor was beautiful. My husband said "Score!" We were able to see some of the French quarter. The kids

were not fond of exploring there but we managed to get them to Cafe du Monde for beignets, delicious. Of course I had a hurricane and some Jumbalya while in nola too!

Thanks to Dana Apple of Dream Vacations, I enjoyed a fabulous trip to Ireland with a group of my friends. Dana worked hard to make sure that all of our special requests were fulfilled, that all our questions were answered, and that problems were resolved. I highly recommend Dana Apple and Dream Vacations for your vacation planning needs.

Cheryl Tsiperati and Dorene Swanson

Hello Dana! First of all id like to give you a big thank you for the welcome home gift. those gourmet brownies were some of the best we've ever had! Also thank you for all you time and commitment to helping coordinate our vacation!

Our cruise was amazing! Our stops in Cabo, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta were beyond adventurous. We went parasailing in cabo, zip-lining in Mazatlan, and snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta! Cabo had some of the most amazing ocean water we've ever swam in, my son loved it! 

The ship was also an adventure in itself. We were constantly entertained with their nightly shows, game shows, pool, Jacuzzi, and best of all.... their live music (we LOVED the Next stage band.) and of course we ate.... A LOT! 

our only complaint was the service in their restaurants (excluding buffet, which actually had pretty good service), and their bars. i feel like they can use some improvement in their customer service skills. For example, we once waited 45 minutes for my son's soda to be brought to the table, our dinner plates were delivered to the wrong people, and bar service was extremely slow.  other than that we were pleased with our cruise! I'm assuming this may have some to do with the guaranteed tips, but i know nothing you can do, but the cruise line should look into it more. 

I really enojyed our first cruise and im looking forward to another! or booking a resort to further explore Cabo or Puerto Vallarta some day. 

thank you so much for making our dream vacation come true! 

I will keep in touch regarding future vacation plans!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

-Michelle, Alan, & Isaak (Serrano's)