Dana's Travel Tips


  • Remove items from your wallet you don’t need
  • Make copies of passport and credit cards, keep separate from you
  • Let credit card company know where you are traveling to
  • Check with your cell phone carrier about roaming and long distance
  • Turn data off on your phone once you board the ship
  • Take photos of prescription bottles
  • Check into your flight 24 hours prior to departure
  • Make sure you have small bills either in US or local currency for tipping and buying small trinkets
  • It is mandatory that you attend the safety drill. Don’t try to hide
  • Put airline and hotel phone numbers in cell phone
  • Make sure the proper people know how to get in touch with you, you may give them my phone number (805) 304-4540
  • No irons are allowed onboard, ask your steward for assistance
  • Bring a converter for the electrical outlets. I always bring a small lightweight
    power strip because there are limited plugs in the ship’s cabin
  • For a neat souvenir, get your passport stamped at the immigration office usually, located right in port of each country